LLA A Sample Page


This is a basic page using the same styles that Bill used when he setup the FoE web site originally.  If all the FoE web editors generally use the same set of styles in the same way that Bill did, the web site will look neat and coherent — not as if 8 different people are starting from scratch!
Feel free to copy this page to create a new page, then just replace the headings and paragraph text with your own text.

The Main Headings, Like this One, are in Style “Heading 3”

The subtext like this sentence is in style “Paragraph”.  How can you tell?   Log in as webeditor. Put your cursor on a word in this sentence.  Look at the toolbar, just below the B for BOLD icon. The Style box says “Paragraph”.   This automatically sets the boldness, font size, color etc, for you.

Main Headings have Capital Letters

Heading titles have capital letters like a newspaper headline.

Important Information Should be Above this Part of the Page

After just a couple headings and short paragraphs, most viewers will have to scroll to see the lower part of the page.  Many people don’t realize that there is more below this point, so try to put the important part on the top of the page.  Be sure to PREVIEW your page before you publish.

In preview mode, you probably had to scroll down on the web page to see this part of the web page.

Bullet Example

We often use bullets if there are three or more points in a list. To make a bullet list, select the items to have bullets, then click the Bullet icon in the toolbar above; or copy and paste the section below.

  • My bullet 1
  • My bullet 2
  • My bullet 3


Anchor Example

Suppose I’d like to link to a particular place on another page.


link to another part of this page