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Road Warriors

Road Warriors

The Friends of Edgewood organization has adopted the 1.5-mile stretch of northbound I-280 adjacent to Edgewood. This segment was originally adopted by Ken Seydel many years ago, and he has now graciously transferred the responsibility to the Friends.

Volunteers, which Ken has nicknamed the “Road Warriors,” don their hats, gloves, and vests, and comb this section of roadside on the first Saturday of even-numbered months and the first Sunday of odd-numbered months (exception: July 13, 2014). They meet at the Edgewood Road Park-and-Ride lot at 8:30 a.m.

Once you’ve viewed a training video, you, too, can join one of our morning sessions. For training and equipment, or more information, first time volunteers should contact Ken Seydel at
adoptahighway-coordinator@friendsofedgewood.org before joining the group.