Bird’s-Eye View of the Exterior


Bird's-Eye View Exterior

Supporters of the education center have always considered Edgewood’s Education Center a portal to an experience immediately outdoors. Its purpose is to introduce the real objects, places, and ideas that are found outside. At Edgewood, these include rare forms of life, fascinating soils and fault lines, and a colorful mosaic of plant communities and wildlife habitats, now preserved and protected in perpetuity. Situated on the east slopes of the Santa Cruz Mountains and overlooking the southern stretches of San Francisco Bay, Edgewood is a land where nature’s timeless interplay of land and climate, plants and animals continues unchanged.

The goal of the new education center is to connect the visitor to these entities. The ultimate outcome is a well-informed visitor who identifies with the land and its history, gains new awareness of ecological relationships, and develops a caring sense of place—a role in the world, so to speak. Edgewood’s exhibits are designed to pique curiosity, stimulate reflection, and provoke people into further learning. Ultimately, they are designed to ensure that visitors leave with a new sense of perception and appreciation for this remarkable and rare swath of land.