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Docent Training


Docent-led walkDocent Training for Edgewood’s Wildflower Walks will start in January. Edgewood County Park and Natural Preserve’s soils provide displays of grassland wildflowers like those once seen all over California’s landscape. Such displays have been reduced as land has been developed over the years and non-native grass and other plants have accidently or purposefully been imported. Docent Training will explain how Edgewood’s unusual soils and passionate supporters have preserved this slice of old California. Our primary purpose as Wildflower Walks docents is to educate the public about the many interesting facts and beauties of Edgewood.

Most of our training is given in eight pairs of bi-weekly meetings: Wednesday evening talks followed by Saturday morning hikes that demonstrate, or build on, the preceding Wednesday‘s topic. These begin January 20th and end April 30th. Docent Training will cover the history, the geology, the plant communities, the wildflowers, and the wildlife of Edgewood as well as how to lead hikes and engage the public. A (pdf) class schedule is provided here.

The rest of the training is more individual. Participants will observe at least 2 Wildflower Walks and go on a one-on-one walk with an experienced docent to practice elements of leading hikes or to learn more about Edgewood. This individual training may begin as early as March and should be completed by the second week of May.

If you would enjoy learning more about nature and Edgewood, specifically, and also would enjoy helping others to learn about and appreciate nature, please contact Mary at