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Field Guide


Given its size (467 acres), Edgewood County Park and Natural Preserve is home to an unusually large number of plant species. There are 91 plant families; 9 plant communities (non-native grassland, serpentine bunchgrass grassland, chaparral, mixed serpentine chaparral, chamise chaparral, mixed Northern California coastal scrub, oak foothill woodland, mixed hardwood subgroup of the mixed evergreen forest community, and wetlands); and more than 500 plant species overall.

This rich plant habitat supports many species of wildlife, including: 21 species of mammals; over 100 bird species, 13 species of amphibians and reptiles; and unknown numbers of invertebrates (bees, ants, wasps, butterflies, moths, beetles, spiders, and other arachnids). This field guide looks at some of these species in more detail.

Pacific Treefrog Western Bluebird Blue Dicks

Amphibians and


Insects, Spiders,
and Mollusks