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Junior Explorer Field Trips

Tiger Scouts investigate lace lichen.

Tiger Scouts investigate Lace Lichen with Docent Carol Hankermeyer.
© 2015 Liam Fairbairn

We invite teachers and students to participate in a hands-on experiential outdoor education program at Edgewood Natural Preserve. This unusual resource so close to your school offers special opportunities for exploration and understanding of the natural environment. The unique serpentine communities distinguish Edgewood as an ideal location to understand and experience threatened species first-hand.

Mission: To inspire in children attitudes of appreciation and caring for the natural environment.
Programs: All our programs are volunteer-based and free of charge. Hikes typically take 1.5 to 3 hours.
Small group tours promote favorable student-docent interaction.  We offer:

  1. Docent-led discovery walks at Edgewood Natural Preserve for elementary school groups, using a hands-on, interactive approach. Field trips may focus on ecosystems, local flora and fauna, life cycles, adaptations for survival, food chains, plant and animal interrelationships, or nutrient recycling by decomposers, demonstrating their particular application to the natural communities at Edgewood.
  2. Field trips for high school students, which may be combined with habitat restoration or environmental science projects.
  3. Boy Scout and Girl Scout, or other organization, field trips, which can be associated with earning badges.
  4. Tours for home school or special children’s groups.

Bus Funding: Qualifying schools, after-school or summer programs, or nonprofits predominately serving low-income and/or at-risk youth may be eligible for transportation funding though the San Mateo County Parks Foundation. Find out more.

How Do I Schedule a Program?
Step 1: Review our Junior Explorers Edgewood Field Trip Guidelines.

Step 2: Complete and submit the Junior Explorers Planning Sheet at least 3 weeks before your requested date. Our coordinator will review your request, and contact you.

Step 3. Whether we can accommodate your request depends on availability of volunteer docents for your request dates. Our coordinator will recruit docents for your requested date and time. This typically takes 7-10 days, depending on your group size. The coordinator will contact you with a final date and time.

Step 4. All parents/guardians of minors and all adults who participate in these events must sign our liability waiver and make it available at the start of the event. The liability waiver (pdf) may be downloaded here. Minors who come to an event without a signed liability waiver may not be allowed to participate. Bring the signed forms on the day of the event.

Step 5: Review with your group “Please have each student bring” and “Good trail manners” sections of Junior Explorers Edgewood Field Trip Guidelines.  If you will arrive on a bus, give the driver these bus instructions. Have a great field trip!

Email contact: JuniorExplorers-coordinator@friendsofedgewood.org

Call for Volunteers: We are currently seeking volunteers for our Junior Explorers program. Find out more about leading nature walks for children:  Junior Explorer Docent.