Get Involved with Bluebird Summer

Western Bluebird

"Western Bluebird" by Trevlyn Williams, watercolor, © 2011

Share your knowledge and experience to help educate the public about these lovely and fascinating residents of Edgewood’s serpentine grasslands.

Please review our Bluebird Summer events, then read below to see how you can help make this a Bluebird Summer.

Email or leave a message at (866) GO-EDGEWOOD to let us know how you can share your time and experience.

How can you support Bluebird Summer events?

Inspire: Encourage pre-school age children to be interested in nature and being outdoors by leading a nature walk, reading a story aloud, and supporting a simple art project during one of our Bluebird Celebration Playdates. We’ll show you how! In addition to out public date, we have an early session on  May 17, 3 – 5 pm.

Teach: Are you very knowledgeable about some aspect of a Bluebird’s life? Share that knowledge with fellow naturalists by staffing a station at the Bluebird Workshop for Docents, Ed Center Hosts and other Bluebird Summer volunteers. (Need 5 birders)

Attend: Learn more about Western Bluebirds, especially if you want to share what you learn with the general public, by attending Bluebird Workshop for Docents, Ed Center Hosts and other Bluebird Summer volunteers.

Contribute Materials: We have a list of materials needed for each of the stations. If you have legally-collected, bluebird-related items, please let us know.

Adopt a Station: Organize the contents of one of the stations on a table so they are complete, attractive and accessible. Set up, pack and clear station on day of Bluebird Workshop for Docents, Ed Center Hosts and other Bluebird Summer volunteers, and on Bluebird Discovery Day. Recruit friends to help you!

Staff a Station on Bluebird Discovery Day: Volunteers staff stations for 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on number of volunteer staffers. Volunteers interpret materials on hand, explain relevance, inspire enthusiasm. (Need 10 – 15 volunteer staffers who attended Bluebird Workshop on June 16.)

Accompany a Public Bird Walk: Act as sweep, and answer any stray questions about Edgewood, on a public Bluebird Walk. (Need 2 or 3 Friends of Edgewood docents)

All of the events need simple, straightforward organizational help. In particular, can you …

Organize: Help set up or clean up, count visitors, or administer any of the many details of a public event.

Publicize: Pin up flyers, post information online, create graphics, take photographs, or write press releases.

Educate: Develop simple web pages using WordPress to communicate valuable information to the public.