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  • Bay Nature magazine.
  • Edgewood Weed Warriors. Can you believe it? The Edgewood Weed Warriors have their very own website.
  • San Mateo County Parks Department, the government body responsible for Edgewood. Their website contains some general information about the management of Edgewood.
  • San Mateo County Parks and Recreation Foundation, a non-profit organization established in 1998 to financially support the recreational, environmental and educational programs and projects of the San Mateo County Parks Department.
  • California Native Plant Society, Santa Clara Valley Chapter, the local chapter of this statewide organization. Their website offers lots of information about native plants in the area and related events.
  • Committee for Green Foothills, a grass-roots organization working to protect and preserve the hills, forests, creeks, wetlands, and coastal lands of the San Francisco Peninsula.
  • Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District, a special district of over 25 preserves in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and San Mateo Counties. While Edgewood is not an MROSD preserve, MROSD maintains a Joint Powers Agreement with San Mateo County over the management of Edgewood.
  • Natural Resources Database, a searchable inventory of flora and fauna on many open space preserves on the San Francisco Bay Peninsula. Data for Edgewood flora, as derived from Toni Corelli’s list below, is included.
  • The Jepson Herbarium, an interactive site that parallels the The Jepson Manual: Vascular Plants of California, Second Edition.
  • Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS), a partnership of U.S., Canadian, and Mexican agencies, other organizations, and taxonomic specialists cooperating on the development of an on-line, scientifically credible, list of biological names focusing on the biota of North America.


Other Sites

  • Digibird, George Raiche’s website of breathtaking photos and history of a pair of red-shouldered hawks and their broods nesting at Edgewood over the last few years.
  • Yellow Starthistle Information, a website with everything you could ever want to know about this noxious weed, produced by Dr. Joseph DiTomaso from UC Davis.
  • Botanical Data, a part of Berkeley’s Digital Library Project. This collection includes thousands of photos of plants from this area, together with information about distribution and habitat. You can search by common name, scientific name, color, or location.
  • California Wildflowers, presented by the California Academy of Sciences. This site allows you to search for flowers by Latin or common name, color, or family.
  • Dictionary of Botanical Epithets contains the derivations of the scientific names of many plants, some of which are in our area.
  • MykoWeb, a website devoted to mycology (the study of fungi), with an excellent section on the fungi of the SF Bay Area.
  • Virtual Parks, Erik Goetze’s collection of strikingly beautiful panoramic photos of some parks in California and Utah, including Edgewood.