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All proceeds from the sale of these items are channeled back into the FRIENDS OF EDGEWOOD to support our mission. Prices include tax, shipping and handling.

To make a purchase, simply print the purchase request (pdf), fill it out, and send it along with your check to:

Friends of Edgedwood
P.O. Box 3422
Redwood City, CA 94064-3422

Or visit us at the Ed Center.

In addition to shopping for the items shown below, you may also sponsor the heritage quilt displayed in the Education Center. See quilt for details.

Items available for purchase:

Wildflower Brochure

Our full-color tri-fold brochure contains pictures and descriptive information about 20 of the most common native wildflowers of Edgewood. It is an absolute must-have for walkers during the springtime. It sells for $1.50.

Rust teeshirt

Blue teeshirt Our t-shirt design is perfect for all friends of Edgewood. These shirts are available in both adult and youth sizes. Adult sizes are $24, and youth sizes are $19. Available in rust and blue.

Checkerspot butterfly teeshirt Commemorative t-shirt featuring “Edward The First,” the first Bay checkerspot butterfly photographed at Edgewood since they were reintroduced in 2007. Adult sizes S, M, L, XL, are $20, size XXL is $24.
Bay nature article featuring Edgewood Serpentine Splendor: The Native Colors of Edgewood Park is the On the Trail article in the April – June 2004 issue of Bay Nature magazine. Copies of this issue can be purchased for $6 each. Supplies are limited.
Flowering Plants of Edgewood book

The 2nd edition of Toni Corelli’s 368-page Flowering Plants of Edgewood Natural Preserve is now available. This authoritative field guide includes descriptions and drawings of 481 vascular plant species found at Edgewood. The 2nd edition has improved keys and illustrations, and includes an addendum to reflect nomenclature and taxonomic changes.

This is a must-have reference for all plant lovers. It sells for $12.

Toni has also published a Vascular Plant List of Edgewood. This 27-page booklet lists all of the vascular plants known at Edgewood, providing their scientific and common names and family affiliation. The list is organized by scientific name and common name within family. The booklet sells for $3 including tax and postage.

Thermal grocery bag Handy thermal grocery bag that sports the Friends of Edgewood logo. The insulation helps keep cold food cold and hot food hot. While it’s great for trips to the grocery store, it’s perfect for transporting a picnic lunch to Edgewood’s picnic area. Dimensions are 13 in. x 15 in. x 9 in. deep. A plastic insert keeps the base of the bag stable; a zipper can be used to close the top. $7.00