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test page


Using WP Links

Here is a test of incorporating links on a page as an embedded widget. I am using Ad Hoc Widgets 1. I wanted to see if using WP Links was a good alternative to just coding the Related Links page manually. It doesn’t seem to be, since (1) hover text doesn’t work, and (2) it’s hard to manage the order of links within a category without using a plugin.

[suffusion-widgets id=’1′]

Table of Contents

You can render a table of contents anywhere on a page using the MD TOC Generator plugin. To do so, just embed this shortcode:

You control which headers to include in the TOC in the Settings -> Table of Contents page. Unfortunately, the appearance of the TOC cannot be customized per page, and that includes the left/right alignment. Those settings are specified in the md-toc-generator/md-toc-generator.css file.

Using a Back Button